Right Fit?

Advanced Visions Executive Recruiting Specialists is the right fit for your organization if you are looking for a difference you can’t find anywhere else in the market. We are going to listen and deliver on the candidates you are looking for while having a former C-Level Executive do all the screening and interviewing. His first hand knowledge of the job will ensure we are providing candidates with the right qualifications that are going to fit your organization.

Positions of Specialty

  • CEO
  • President
  • CFO
  • COO
  • VP of Operations
  • VP of Finance
  • Director of Finance
  • Controller
  • Director of Operations

Why Choose Advanced Visions Executive?

We have a unique value we’ve added to Executive Recruiting: We have partnered with a former CFO of a $630 million dollar company to screen and interview all our candidates. His breadth of experience will insure our customers receive qualified candidates with the correct level of experience. In addition, our Executive Level Candidates will have an expert walk them through the job description to insure a right fit.

If you are interested in listing a position with Advanced Visions, please contact either Jody Guillemette or Kelly Hanson-Mullen via email or phone.